cretto di burri · gibellina, italy · september 2020


On 14 January 1968, the Belice Valley in Western Sicily was hit by a violent earthquake. Gibellina and three other villages were totally destroyed. In the aftermath of this earthquake, Ludovico Corrao, Mayor of Gibellina and a Member of Parliament in Rome, called on famous artists and architects to conceive the reconstruction of Gibellina Nuova through art. Gibellina Nuova, approximately fifteen kilometres from the old Gibellina, has since become the cradle of many impressive architectural creations and outdoor sculptures. Joseph Beuys, Alighiero Boetti, Mimmo Paladino, Pietro Consagra, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Daniel Spoerri and Carla Accardi are among the artists who have contributed to the city’s rebirth. Alberto Burri built a cement installation on the ruins of the destroyed city, now one of the most stunning land art installations in existence.  text :  image vevey – Gibellina PhotoRoad